Sunday, September 30, 2012

Letter of UNFC Chairman to President, U Thein Sein Friday, 28 September 2012 17:48 Khio Fah Letter Nr. Na/ PaKaBa - 50 / 2012 Date: 27/ 09/ 2012

His Excellency President U Thein Sein
Government of the Union of Burma (Myanmar)
Union of Burma
Subject: Request for Negotiation to Resolve Political Problems
Excellency Mr. President,
Our United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) has been studying critically your work programs and
reforms for the emergence of peace, stability, progress and the democratic system in the country. We
presume that you are undertaking reforms with noble intentions for the country and the people.
Though we do not have any criticism against the democratic changes made in the political reform process
carried by the government under your leadership, we find that there are programs, without fairness and
equality, in the procedure for establishment of understanding and unity with the armed ethnic resistance
organizations. For the rectification of those programs in time and with a view to the interest of the country
and the people, we would like to submit work programs for peace, which bear equality and justice, and
which are acceptable to us.
Though it is possible to negotiate for resolution of the points from (1) to (4), contained in the peace
negotiation program at the Union level, issued by the government under your leadership - our view is that
Point (5) Setting up a political party; Point (6) To accept the 2008 Constitution and to carry out amendment
in the parliament according to the approval of the majority; Point (7) For eternal peace, the armed
organizations are to enter the legal fold, enjoy equality, live and earn a living in accordance with the
Constitution; and Point (8) Negotiation for transformation of armed organizations into one and only one
armed organization, in accordance with the Constitution - are measures to control our armed ethnic
resistance organizations and mould them into an entity as desired by the government, before any political
settlement is achieved. As these deny equality, freedom and justice, it is not possible for us to accept them.
Accordingly, we would like to urge you to review and modify them so as to prevent the internal peace
building process from stalling and breaking up.
At the Ethnic Nationality Conference held from September 14 to 16, and which was participated by
representatives of the armed ethnic resistance organizations, political organizations, youths and women
organizations and civil society organizations, a 6-point political process of the ethnic nationalities for peace
was adopted. We the ethnic nationalities believe that the 6 points prevents the taking of more advantage by
one side or the other, and it is a political process for equal and fair negotiation. For that reason, on behalf of
all the ethnic nationality forces, we the UNFC, propose for building national unity and internal peace in
accordance with this process.
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The 6 points of peace process of the ethnic nationalities are:
1. The armed ethnic nationality organizations, political parties, women and youths organizations and
civil society organizations are to hold meetings and lay down points to be included in the Framework
for Political Dialogue;
2. Representatives of the Union government and the unified representatives of the armed ethnic
organizations are to hold meetings and establish the Framework for Political Dialogue –
a. Holding meetings in a place acceptable to both sides;
b. Proceedings of the meetings are to be conducted in the presence of neutral international
observers and the points agreed upon are to be promulgated jointly for public knowledge.
3. After establishing the Framework for Political Dialogue by representatives of the government and
the armed ethnic resistance organizations, conferences of the ethnic peoples are to be held in the
states or in divisions, as necessary, for clarification and approval;
4. To hold a national conference of the various nationalities participated by representatives of the
ethnic armed organizations, political parties, women and youths organizations and civil society
5. A Union conference, participated by an equal number of representatives from the ethnic forces, the
democratic forces and the government is to be held in the form, acceptable to the three forces, and
based on Panlong Spirit; the agreements adopted by the conference are to be regarded as the “Union
Accord” and
6. The Union Accord is to be implemented in accordance with a time frame, precisely.
With cordial regards,
Lt. General N-Ban La
United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC)‐of‐unfcschairman‐